Tips to manage your funeral home social media successfully

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok… There are many platforms, but any funeral home marketing action must be aimed at achieving certain goals. In this article, we are going to give you some tips and tricks so that you can take full advantage of the potential of your funeral home social media.

Funeral home social media. Should I or shouldn’t I?

The nature of the business is the main reason why owners are hesitant to consider having a funeral home social media presence. Everyone tries to avoid contact with death because of the psychological difficulty of dealing with grief.

However, all the work involved in mourning, preparation and farewell are essential for the serenity and well-being of the deceased’s relatives. For this reason, the difficulty of communicating effectively and correctly in this area should not be an obstacle to taking advantage of the benefits of funeral home social media. The key is to have a good marketing plan for the funeral home to become one of the best in the industry.

Advantages of funeral home social media

  • Credibility. Customers often look for information about companies on the Internet before using their services. Having a website and a social media presence is a first guarantee for those looking for an established business with a good reputation.
  • Equality. Your funeral home social media will allow you to compete with the large companies in the industry on the same stage with a more accessible budget than advertising in the traditional media.
  • Customer acquisition and loyalty. In addition to advertising your brand, your funeral home social media will serve to attract new customers and promote the business by creating a complete experience.
  • Opportunity to expand your business. Develop a digital marketing strategy to expand your online presence. That way, your services will be visible around the clock, seven days a week, from anywhere in the world.
  • Interaction and proximity. The image of proximity can be a distinguishing feature of your funeral home and put you ahead of your competitors.

Tips on how to work properly with your funeral home social media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Youtube… there are a lot of platforms you can use, but this doesn’t mean you have to open a profile on each and every one of them. The best thing to do is to define your goals in your marketing plan and be clear about which social media platforms are best for your funeral home and how you will use them as part of your overall communication strategy.

Set goals

You need to set goals, identify your target audience, define how you want to communicate your product or service to the customer and finally select those social networks where your audience is located and which can work best as a communication channel.

Establish a line of communication

A good starting point, and possibly the best way to make the most of your potential, is to focus your messages, photographs or videos on two fundamental ideas: respect for the funeral home profession and empathy for customers who have just lost a loved one.

Differentiate yourself from the competition

Remember that what works for one funeral home does not necessarily work for another. If your funeral home is characterised for offering an exclusive and luxury service, you may have to resort to a very visual strategy in which social networks such as Pinterest or Instagram can be a key part of your strategy.

Funeral home Facebook ideas

While Instagram and TikTok have seen huge growth in the last year, Facebook is still the king of social media with over 2.74 billion users worldwide. That’s why having a strong Facebook presence is essential if you want to make sure your funeral home’s content reaches as many prospective customers as possible.

Here are some tips and ideas for your funeral home’s Facebook page:

  • Create a business page, not a personal profile. Pages are similar to personal profiles, but have unique tools for businesses and organisations.
  • Use a cover photo that shows the best of your facilities. Try not to be explicit, but try to capture the attention of your audience. Your profile picture should be recognisable. It is most common to use your company logo.
  • Complete the information section so that your opening hours, telephone number, address and website are accessible to new customers. Remember that you can also create custom tabs.
  • Vary the type of publication. Don’t be monotonous and alternate images, videos, links, infographics, surveys… that way your audience won’t get bored.
  • Your posts should answer your followers’ questions and satisfy their needs. Avoid selling your services. It is much more advisable to inform about how your facilities are, if you participate in any social work, sponsorship of events, participation in talks or courses, any nice detail that has caught your attention…
  • It is also very important to keep your funeral home social media up to date. You should not prioritise quantity over quality. Remember that the level of visibility of your posts in users’ news feeds is closely related to the quality of those posts. Facebook’s algorithms are designed to filter out irrelevant posts and allow only high quality content to be displayed to users.
  • Post at the most convenient time for your audience. There are many tools available to you to schedule content.

Remember that your profile is corporate and represents your company: be extremely respectful in your comments, think a couple of times if your message is appropriate, avoid your own opinions and avoid ever replying to a rude customer in the heat of the moment.

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