Slogans for funeral homes: 6 examples that will make a difference to your business

Many funeral service companies are afraid to incorporate funeral home advertising slogans into their marketing strategy because of possible customer rejection and the difficulty of conveying an idea that is intimately related to the pain of the loss of a loved one. However, there are successful cases and exceptional funeral home advertisements. For this reason, here are some examples of slogans for funeral homes, as well as guidelines for making them with the empathy and sensitivity that your business requires.

Funeral home advertising ideas: essential guidelines 

Funeral home advertising has long been discarded mainly because no one wants to find a leaflet in their mailbox reminding them of the end of life or the passing of a loved one. For that reason, funeral home advertising has been relegated to an almost subliminal level, limited to newspaper obituaries and word of mouth.

But with the arrival of the Internet and the need to acquire a presence and reputation on networks, search engines and apps, the game has changed. The possibility that funeral home marketing may generate rejection and produce precisely the opposite of the desired effect is not a reason to discard it from our business plan, but a challenge to learn how to advertise funeral services in an effective, respectful and sensitive way.

A good place to start is to create a slogan for your funeral home. Remember that it should be a phrase that encompasses the characteristics of your brand and your services, it should perfectly define your corporate identity and differentiate you from your competitors. It should also stick easily in the minds of potential customers until it becomes an expression that they can incorporate into their daily conversations. “Because I’m worth it” (Loreal) or “Just do it” (Nike) are two perfect examples of an effective slogan.

Examples of slogans for funeral homes to follow and to avoid

Here are some tips on how to create good slogans for funeral homes, whether you are considering promoting a new funeral home or a long-established one:

– It should clearly show the benefit of using the funeral home services offered by your brand in order to attract potential customers.

– It should highlight how you are different from your competitors.

– It should be short (no more than eight words), original and impactful.

– It should respect the legal principles of truthful advertising.

– Look for a catchy or even rhyming phrase. Something that is easy to memorise.

– Be respectful and sensitive to the pain of grieving families who have lost a loved one.

How to create a slogan for funeral homes step by step

We recommend starting with a pen and paper. Make a list of all the features of your funeral home that you want to highlight and your main strengths. These could be competitive prices, a professional service, the possibility of organising a fully personalised funeral, innovative facilities, an environmentally friendly funeral…

Once you are clear about the idea you want to convey in the slogan, it is time to compile the right words to convey it. The main difficulty in creating slogans for funeral homes is that your business is closely related to the pain of death. Moreover, as a rule, your customers are not the deceased, but their relatives. Try to avoid funeral home jargon such as “death”, “final”, “cremation” or “burial”.

Avoid using clichés and hackneyed phrases such as “rest in peace”, “the river of life”, “passing on” or similar. They add nothing and do not differentiate you from your competitors. Similarly, avoid resorting to humour. You may be used to dealing with death, but your customers may not.

Good and bad funeral home advertising slogans

Beyond, a British funeral home company, caused a lot of controversy with an advertisement showing two young people running along the beach on surfboards made from coffin lids. They were offering a ‘once in a lifetime’, single-ticket, all-inclusive trip (making the will, paying the administration, arranging the funeral) in scorching temperatures. The ad upset many British people, and the company responsible for London’s public transport refused to place it on buses and bus shelters.

Among the examples of curious but well-received slogans for funeral homes is that of the Curroliño funeral home in Rodeiro (Pontevedra). The owners handed out a bunch of lighters with the words “Keep smoking, we’ll be waiting for you” on one side and the address and telephone number of the funeral home on the other. People liked the idea and for days the Galician funeral home received many calls, not to contract funeral services, but to ask for more lighters.

Ideas for slogans for funeral homes

Before we show you some examples of slogans for funeral homes, there are two very powerful ideas that you should always keep in mind. The first is that a funeral is not a mere formality. It is a celebration that comforts the relatives of the deceased because it is a posthumous tribute that brings together acquaintances and friends, who come to honour the deceased and remember the best moments they shared with him.

Secondly, all religious and cultural beliefs that exist and have existed in humanity believe that there is something beyond death. Christians believe in ascension to heaven, Muslims have a paradise, the Vikings had their Valhalla, and most Eastern religions believe in reincarnation and its variants. Even all those who do not profess a faith and believe that death is the end, have the desire to transcend even if it is only in the memory of those who loved them.

Here are some examples of slogans for funeral homes to inspire your next advertising campaign.

  1. Rest as you live
  2. Seek eternity
  3. A well lived life
  4. The Eternity of Memory
  5. We honour your life
  6. You are the immortal memory

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