What models of electric hearse are there on the market?

In this article we will explain what factors you should consider when purchasing an electric hearse and analyse the most interesting models you can find on the market: the luxurious Tesla hearse, the economic and versatile Nissan LEAF and the powerful and spacious Mercedes eVito funeral.

The electric hearse is here to stay

The electric car has arrived in the funeral home business. Electric car manufacturers are increasing the power and capacity of batteries to ensure the range of professional vehicles, which tend to be heavier. In addition, fast charging makes it easier to transport over longer distances. Thanks to these developments, bodybuilders can perfectly adapt electric vehicles to make them a perfectly valid and functional option for funeral homes.

The electric hearse is environmentally friendly, strong>reducing the ecological footprint and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. In addition, it complies with the various regulations adopted by many countries to phase out combustion vehicles. For example, in Spain, the Climate Change Act requires all cars on sale by 2040 to be zero-emission.

In addition to the ecological reasons, companies are interested in incorporating electric hearses into their fleets also because they allow access to places such as cemeteries in a silent and much more respectful way.

Tips when buying an electric hearse

If you are going to renew your fleet of combustion hearses and you are considering the option of incorporating an electric hearse, here is what you should bear in mind:

    • Don’t be scared off by the initial price of electric vehicles. Many countries offer different grants or subsidies to encourage the purchase of hybrid or electric vehicles. Check what the final bill looks like. You may be surprised.
    • You will need to install charging points at your funeral home. Bear in mind that it is usual to charge vehicles overnight, so it is preferable to have a connector in your own garage.
    • In addition to the price, another extremely important point is the range. Depending on the model, electric hearses can travel around 300 kilometres on a full battery charge. If you are a long-distance traveller, you should plan your route so that you have connectors along the way. You should also bear in mind that conventional charging points require approximately six hours for a full charge.
    • The cost of maintaining an electric car is little (if any) different from that of an internal combustion car. With regard to fuel costs, there are currently no specific studies on hearses, but in the case of conventional vehicles, an electric car that travels around 15,000 kilometres a year saves around 700 euros compared to a petrol model.

Tesla hearse

Tesla is a long-range electric vehicle. Any of its Model S could be adapted to become an electric hearse with a range of approximately 300 kilometres. Its starting price (basic bodywork) is around 160,000 euros.

It is an elegant, understated vehicle with a minimalist cabin complemented by a large vertical display, a multitude of apps and a powertrain that allows it to reach 100 km/h in less than three seconds. In addition, Tesla provides a network of 2,500 Supercharger charging points around the world where, with 30 minutes of charging, you will be able to cover 270 kilometres.

Tesla hearse features

Range 300 kilometres
Warranty 8 years (battery) or 200,000 kilometres
Battery 60 kWh or 75 kWh
Vehicle length 6 m
Vehicle width 2,2 m
Vehicle height 1,8 ma
Maximum casket size 213 cm x 90 cm

Nissan LEAF

The Nissan LEAF can be adapted to become a full electric hearse while maintaining the sharp, aerodynamic lines that characterise this model. It’s highly versatile, allowing you to adapt virtually any design and functionality option you need for your business.

It is equipped with the most advanced intelligent driving systems, such as e-Pedal and ProPILOT technologies. Its range, according to Nissan, is almost 200 kilometres for the 24kWh battery (older, lower-cost models) and just under 240 kilometres for the newer 30kWh battery. Batteries typically exceed 160,000 kilometres. The starting price with basic bodywork is typically around 52,000 euros.

Nissan Leaf features

Range 200 kilometres
Warranty 8 years (battery) or 160,000 kilometres
Battery 24kWh or 30kWh
Vehicle length 4,45 m
Vehicle width 1,8 m
Vehicle width 1,55 m
Maximum casket size 208 cm x 63 cm x 768 cm (at lid)

Mercedes eVito hearse

The bodywork on the new Mercedes Benz eVito, in the Tourer passenger version, has a range of around 350 kilometres thanks to its 100 kWh battery with a power consumption of 27.9 kW. As for the type of charging, it supports slow charging and fast charging with up to 80 kW. Fast charging allows the process to be completed in just over an hour.

This electric hearse is prepared and designed to carry up to two caskets and perform ceremonies and transfer services at the same time. The exterior panoramic windows give great visibility inside while allowing the entry of natural light.

Features of the Mercedes eVito hearse

Range 350 kilometres
Warranty 6 years (battery) or up to 100,000 kilometres
Battery 100 kWh
Vehicle length 5.14 m
Vehicle width 1.93 m
Vehicle height 1.89 m
Casket size 2 standard size caskets


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