Analysis of the leading cremation urn manufacturers

As in our previous list of casket manufacturers, in this compilation you will find the basic contact details, sales volume, certificates and a brief summary of the catalogue of the main cremation urn manufacturers of all types: metal, handmade, biodegradable, pet urns, personalised urns…

Cremation urn manufacturers in the USA

Matthews Aurora

Matthews Aurora is part of the third largest funeral home company in the world: Matthews International. This branch is dedicated to the manufacture of cremation urns and funeral keepsakes with a varied range of styles, sizes and materials to suit every family’s needs. Its annual sales range from 20 to 40 million euros.


Floturn is a contract metal forming services company for the aerospace industry and other companies. It also manufactures cremation urns available in stainless steel and bronze. Its features include a threaded lid. Custom shaped urns can be designed. Its annual sales range from $100 million to $249 million.

Noble F.H.

Noble F.H. is a division of the Seljan Company. It is one of the largest granite, ABS and bronze cremation urns manufacturers, as well as ornamental appliqués. Its annual sales range from $10 million to $24.9 million.

Metal Craft Spinning and Stamping

Custom manufacturer of spun and stamped cremation urns. The urns are available in aluminium, brass and copper and there are various sizes available. Machining capabilities include spinning and metal stamping for prototypes and small to large production runs.

Quiring Monuments

Is a custom manufacturer of memorials and commemorative products. Its product portfolio not only includes urns, but also gravestones, memorials, signs, public art, cremation memorials, columbariums, etc. Its annual sales range from $10 million to $24.9 million.

Vantage Products Corp.

Vantage Products is one of the standard and custom cremation urn manufacturers. Available in non-biodegradable and non-porous polypropylene construction. The urns are water-resistant and are available in 14″ and 18″ sizes with a locking system and clip closure. Their sales range from $5 million to $9.9 million.

Cremation urn manufacturers in Spain

Funeral Products

Funeral Products is one of the leading cremation urn manufacturers in Europe and supplies its products exclusively to professionals in the funeral industry. The Dutch company has a turnover of around 4.8 million euros. Its catalogue includes a wide range of funeral urns in a variety of materials: metal, ceramic, glass, wood, fibreglass, marble, biodegradable, outdoor, etc. They also supply commemorative jewellery such as bracelets, necklaces and chains. They are also manufacturers of pet urns. The delivery time for orders is 3 to 4 working days, if the product is in stock.

Comercial Ibérica de Artículos Funerarios (CIDAF)

After years dedicated to the research and development of industrial ovens, CIDAF has expanded its offer to include all types of equipment for the funeral industry. In its catalogue you will find ABS, metal, glazed terracotta and biodegradable cremation urns, as well as an exclusive range of sarcophagi and amphorae that reproduce historical Roman or medieval style ceramics. At the moment there is no recorded data on its annual accounts.


Sortem is a leading distributor of funeral products and one of the most important cremation urn manufacturers in Spain. It produces its own ecological urns and distributes them globally. In its catalogue you will also find basic and designer funeral urns, as well as elegant jewellery for ashes. The share capital of this company is in the range of 1 – 3,500 euros, with a number of employees between 1 and 10 and a turnover of between 1,500,001 and 3,000,000 euros, according to Axesor.

Limbo offers innovative products such as biodegradable funeral urns, zinc substitute sacks, living plant wreaths or jewellery for ashes with environmentally friendly solutions for a dignified farewell. Limbo is a registered trademark of the company Limbo Disseny, whose sales are between one and two million euros.

Xantalen Segi-Hiru Urns

Xantalen is a manufacturer of handmade ceramic cremation urns since 2001. They are inspired by classical pieces from archaeological museums to recreate urns adapted to modern needs. All the urns, both environmentally degradable and non-degradable, are certified as non-toxic and non-polluting products and their healthiness is approved by SGS.


With more than 25 years of experience, Urnature is one of the pioneering biodegradable cremation urn manufacturers. Its catalogue includes a wide range of designs and colours of urns made from a mixture of different 100% natural, biodegradable and ecological clays. Their use is permitted in seas, rivers and land.

Cremation urn manufacturers in Mexico


It tops the list of cremation urn manufacturers in Mexico. Its catalogue includes urns made of marble, onyx, steel, aluminium and various types of wood. They can also be customised according to the client’s needs and tastes. You will be able to find from the most economical options to the elite and VIP versions, as well as those inspired by sports and those dedicated to pets.

Indiana Ataudes & Urnas

Indiana Ataudes & Urnas is a young Mexican company dedicated to the manufacture of metal and wooden caskets, as well as high quality MDF, HMDF and banak urns.

Urnas Sacbé

Urnas Sacbé is a Grupo Funerario Maya company. They create artistic, elegant and exquisite designs of handcrafted funeral urns. These authentic works of art are made of wood, ceramic and also biodegradable materials.

Urnas Funerarias Mariano

Urnas Funerarias Mariano has several models and decorative motifs. Most of the funeral urns are made of MDF sealed and treated for durability.

List of funeral urns manufacturers

Manufacturer Email Telephone Headquarters
CIDAF +34 646 882 749 Arjonilla (Spain)
Floturn +34 513 860 8040 Fairfield (USA)
Funeral Products +34 669 369 333 Villanueva de la Cañada (Spain)
Indiana Ataudes & Urnas  +52 871 267 4238 Durango (Mexico)
Limbo Europe +34 965 146 480 Alicante (Spain)
Matthews Aurora +1 877 966 2008 Indianapolis (USA)
Metal Craft Spinning and Stamping  +1 866 907 6333 Buffalo (USA)
Noble F.H.  +1 800 431 7690 Lake Mills (USA)
Quiring Monuments +1 206 809 9500 Kent (USA)
Sortem  +34 931 435 470 Terrassa (Spain)
Urnas  +52 800 777 8762 Monterrey (Mexico)
Urnature  +34 962 516 159 Valencia (Spain)
Urnas funerarias Mariano +52 561 600 0089 México DF (Mexico)
Urnas Sacbé +52 442 224 1761 Querétaro (Mexico)
Vantage Products  +1 770 788 0136  Convington (USA)
Xantalen + 34 943 731 971 Legazpi (Spain)

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