Directory of the largest casket manufacturers

World Funeral News has compiled an independent list of the largest casket manufacturers in the USA, Mexico and Spain. In addition to basic contact details, it includes sales volume, certificates and a brief summary of the catalogue of materials including wooden caskets, metal caskets and eco-friendly caskets. Remember that choosing the right supplier is one of the keys to success for the best funeral homes.

Who is the largest casket manufacturer?

The casket market is highly competitive due to the presence of multiple regional companies as well as large funeral groups. However, there are four players that dominate the casket manufacturing business: Batesville, Matthews International Corp, Thacker Caskets, Southern Cremations & Funerals.

In terms of turnover, the largest casket manufacturer in the USA and in the world is Batesville Casket Company, a company owned by Hillenbrand Inc, which we will discuss in more detail below, in the section on casket manufacturers in the USA.

Casket manufacturers in the USA

Batesville Casket Company

Batesville Casket Company is owned by Hillenbrand Inc. Headquartered in Batesville, Indiana, with estimated annual revenues of $553 million. It is the largest casket manufacturer in USA, but also sells funeral urns and other funeral products.

Matthews International

Matthews International is the second largest casket manufacturer in the United States based on annual sales of $150 million. Its headquarters are in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and it manufactures caskets and urns, but specialises in the engraving of headstones and plaques.

Aurora Casket Company

Aurora Casket Company sold more than 38% of the caskets used in the United States in 2005. With more than 1,500 employees, they achieve an annual turnover of $142 million. With headquarters in Aurora (Indiana), they are both funeral arrangements and casket manufacturers. Their catalogue includes ceremonial caskets, as well as a line of large caskets.

Suhor Industries

Suhor Industries is a leading manufacturer of precast concrete products including caskets, burial vaults, monuments, lawn crypts, columbarium niches, mausoleums, cremation urns, crematories and memorials. They are based in Overland Parks, Kansas and have annual sales of $76.7 million.

Thacker Caskets

Thacker Caskets is another major US casket manufacturer with annual sales of $51.4 million. With more than 70 years of history, it is located in Clinton, Maryland. They manufacture caskets and cremation products, but also provide personalisation services for caskets and memorials.

Casket manufacturers in Spain


Fedelsur, as well as being a casket manufacturer, is also dedicated to the design, distribution and marketing of caskets. It is one of the leaders in the industry in Spain, although it also exports to South Africa, Chile, Mexico and Costa Rica, among others. With a staff of thirty workers, in 2019 it obtained revenues of 3,560,302 euros, with a net profit of 87,252 euros according to Infocif reports.

Fedelsur has a wide catalogue of caskets with widely demanded products such as ecological caskets. In fact, they have specific certification for these products (certification 190.001), as well as quality and environmental certifications. They work with various types of wood, including the Paulowina variety, of which they are direct importers. This type of pale-coloured wood offers great strength and durability as well as high resistance to humidity and rotting.

Divina Aurora

Divina Aurora is a cooperative society based in Xativa (Valencia). It started with the union of six partners and has now grown to 43 participants. The staff, made up of members and contracted personnel (permanent and temporary), totals 100 people. It has a market share in Spain of over 15% and also exports to several Latin American and Eastern European countries. It also holds the ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate, PEFC Chain of Custody and the UNE 190001 Environmental Certificate for Caskets.

Chao 1910

During the first waves of the pandemic, the Chao Group demonstrated its great ability to manufacture and distribute caskets in record time and became one of the main suppliers of caskets to mortuaries throughout Spain. Today it can produce more than 90,000 units per year and its logistics system allows it to provide direct service to customers anywhere in the world.

The Chao Group has three ranges of caskets in its catalogue: the ecological series, the classic series and the harmony series. All models comply with the requirements of the UNE 190001 standard. Their manufacture is environmentally friendly and only combustible, degradable and/or biodegradable materials are used. Particularly interesting is their line of ecological caskets, with which it is possible to reduce emissions of polluting gases into the atmosphere during cremation by up to 80%. If the wide catalogue of the Chao Group is not enough for you, the casket manufacturer offers the possibility of adapting its production to special conditions.

Ataúdes La Fábrica

Ataúdes La Fábrica is a family business with more than 40 employees and two production sites in Spain: one in Riego de la Vega (León) and the other one in Novetlé (Valencia). In 2019 (latest figures available) it had revenues of €5,601,879 and a net profit of €509,457, according to Infocif.

Its catalogue of caskets includes more than 45 different models, all made from poplar, fuma, chestnut and oak wood. According to Ataúdes La Fábrica, all the caskets are sustainable and environmentally friendly. They also have a permanent stock of more than 15,000 units and a transport fleet of six lorries.


Casket manufacturers in Mexico


Litomex is a metal casket manufacturer with more than 50 years of experience, mainly supplying the Mexican funeral industry, but also exporting to other neighbouring countries. It has ten production lines, its own technological development, a creative department and its own transport infrastructure.

Litomex’s catalogue includes numerous metal caskets made of stainless steel, bronze, copper and standard steel. Although they may appear to be cold materials, the imitation wood or marble enamels offer a warm finish. They can also customise the colour of the enamel to meet the demands of their customers.

List of leading casket manufacturers

Manufacturer Estimated turnover Headquarters
Ataúdes La Fábrica $6.590.605 Riego de la Vega (Spain)
Aurora Casket Company $142.000.000 Aurora (USA)
Batesville Casket Company $553.000.000 Batesville (USA)
Chao 1910 $2.614.209 Ribadavia (Spain)
Divina Aurora $11.098.420 Xátiva (Spain)
Fedelsur $4.188.691 Puente Genil (Spain)
Litomex $751.467 Ecatepec de Morelos (Mexico)
Matthews International $150.000.000 Pittsburgh (USA)
Suhor Industries $76.700.000 Overland Parks (USA)
Thacker Caskets $51.400.000 Clinto (USA)


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